This is a basic lists of item that we buy.  If your item is not listed you
can call 618-226-3478 and ask.  If you know that we buy an item that
is not listed below let us know that we need to add that item to this

Ac power adapters with or without wire
Air conditioners
Aluminum boats (remove foam from under seats to get best price)
Aluminum cans
Aluminum foil
Aluminum pet food cans (clean and no paper)
Aluminum siding (with or without backer)
Aluminum wheels (all types)
Aluminum wire with or without insulation or steel wire
Appliances (small counter top with plug-in cords)(copper breakage)
Automobile parts
Battery charger
Battery packs
BBQ grills (aluminum or stainless)
Bolts (any type or size)
Camera systems
Catalytic converters
Cell phones
Cell phone batteries (Li-ion and Ni-Mh)
Circuit boards (all types)
Computer mice
Computer processors
Copper wire (all types)
Curling irons with power cords
Drywall screws
Electric motors
Electric razors (without attachments)
Electric tooth brushes (without attachments)
Extension cords
Flat screen monitors
Galvanized pipe
Garden hose ends (brass, stainless or steel)
Hair dryers with power cords
Insulated aluminum wire
Insulated copper wire
Keyboards with cords
Laptop batteries
Laptop computers
Memory sticks (gold or silver colored)
Nail pullers
Office phones
Pop rivets
Popcorn makers (without attachments and with cords)
Receptacles with at least 6 inches of wire
Push lawn mowers
Screws (all types)
Sinks (all types of metal sinks)
Telephones (all types)
Thermostats (without mercury)
Tools (except all plastic tools)
Window frames
Window frames with glass (we buy as tin)
What we buy