Do you accept tube type TV's or Monitors?
No, companies charge us by the pound to dispose of
CRT TV's and CRT Monitors and Illinois EPA will not
allow us to pass on the cost.  You will have to contact the
Illinois EPA to find out where you can bring them.

Do you accept Flat screen TV's or Monitors?
Yes, at no charge.

Do you accept glass, wood, paper, cardboard or plastic?
Not at this time.

What is prepared steel? It is steel that is thicker than 1/16
of an inch and is no larger than 18 inches wide by 18
inches tall by  36 inches long.  It can not have plastic or
other foreign matter.

Can I mix aluminum foil in with my aluminum cans?  No.
Aluminum foil is a lower grade aluminum alloy.

Can I mix aluminum pet food cans in with my aluminum
No, we buy them as old sheet aluminum as long as
they are clean and with out paper.

Do you accept smoke detectors?  No.  Smoke detectors
have just enough radioactivity to set off alarms.

Do you pick up e-scrap?  Yes, we will pick up large
quantities of any material but we will not pay for the
material unless special arrangements have been made.
Frequently Asked Questions